Buying Adsense Account And Keyword Research Process

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The ‘Keyword’ subject is a very vast subject on the internet and usually comes up on Google search under SEO’s – Search Engine Optimization. I’m just going to highlight a few points on this subject.

Keyword Point One: Your Adsense Website Name


Is the website name you have chosen focused? Does it relate to your targeted subject matter? Are you prepared to spend a lot of time trying to get web traffic to relate to your chosen non-focused website name to what you are offering?

I know it might be hard to let go of the ‘cool’ website name that is near and dear to your heart but, it is really worth it to have the main doorway to your website, the one that visitors see, an un-focused name?


Keyword Point Two: Your Adsense Website

Is your website focused on your selected subject matter? Does it drift into other areas that are not related to your website or website name? Have you focused your website toward your product? Do you know what age group is visiting your website? Is the content of your website focused toward your visitors? Are the colors of your website focused toward your visitors?


Keyword Point Three: Your Adsense Website Keywords and Keyword Phrases


Do you know the popular keywords or keyword phrases to the subject of your website? Do you know the popular keywords or keyword phrases that your visitors are interested in? My suggestion is that if you have not done the research yet to include the popular keywords and keyword phrases into the subject matter of your website is visit Google’s Free Adwords Traffic Estimator to research your words.


Keyword Point Four: Your Adsense Website Meta Tags


Meta tags provide metadata about your website to the search engines. To start the process after you have included the meta tags into your html source code. First, you submit your website to the search engines. Second, the search engines send out web robots to read your meta tag entries. Then after a period of time the search engines then include your website to be available to the search queries.


You may want to upload an XML Site-Map to the root directory of your website, this also helps the web robots.