Facebooking with facebook auto poster software – a winning combination

It had to happen – it’s a proven fact that 99% of the entire human race spends if not all then at least a major portion of their day “Facebook-ing” around using facebook auto poster software.

That’s because Facebook offers maximum user engagement – you name it and its there. So why should Apple stay behind?

…And it didn’t! “App Store” is the latest effort to connect all us iPhone and iPad users to Apple’s App Store without ever leaving Facebook. Though it came out a little late, this is one thing that’s not to be missed at any cost!

Seemingly just a normal, regular Facebook page, App Store offers you much more than just a forum to discuss and post your articles and fan photos. You can get more fans easily if you have the Facebook auto poster software.

Armed with a number of tabs such as Featured, Games, Search & Share and more, you can not only search your favorite applications and games but can become a fan and get exclusive offers, hot tips, smart recommendations, tutorials and a whole lot more.

Taking a quick look at the tabs of our interest, the Featured Tab is where you can find it all. It has a section called App Store Features that features any two of App Store’s top applications as well as a section for Application of the Week. You can also make use of the App Store Tutorial to learn how to use the App Store in a much effective way.

The Search & Share section links us to the tab with the same name where you can not only search for your favorite application and buy it but can let your friends know what you’re searching for by posting it on your wall and “sharing” it on their News Feeds. Similarly, the Games tab lets you browse through every possible category of games, linking you to the online store in case you want to buy one. Here, again, you’re provided the option of “Sharing” your activity with your friends

Apart from these special-purpose tabs, there are the regular tabs of Discussion, notes and photos too.

So click here to download the Facebook auto poster software.